Friday, June 6, 2014

Done and done

We are free of that albatross of a house.  Mark was so attached to the idea of that house, but now that we are settling in to a great condo in JP, he seems to get it. We were greeted by several nice neighbors as we moved in, and have walked to restaurants, the new dog groomer and more since getting here. It's amazing.
No more crime reports or screaming on the streets or idiot pedestrians.

The last few weeks, I could barely contain my elation at getting out of there. I could see every thing wrong with it and every thing that still needs doing. And I just wanted no part of it; life is too short. Now we are planning a trip this winter and probably the trip to Italy we've had to put off for so long.  It was an adventure, I suppose, but I'm so glad that the weight of that place is off our shoulders. Those people have no idea what they are in for.
More this (Gan HaShlosha)  

Less this!

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