Sunday, June 20, 2010

Train Spotting

With renovations having slowed to a crawl, I'm wondering if I should write about other aspects of life on in Melville Park. After a year and a half, we love living here more than ever. I still wish we had less space, but we love the area. It's the urban life we always dreamed of; we go for days without driving our cars.

Wednesday, Mark was in NY, but we met up at 8pm to have dinner. Daughter C and I had gone to Cambridge to shop vintage and got a few cute things for her. Then I went to Community Boating and went to "Physics of Sailing" class, attended by (only in Boston!) about 50 people. We ate at Other Side which I love, but a HORRIBLE thing happened. After ordering the vegan nachos, and a raw vegan meal for me, and a vegan BLT for Mark, I looked at his sandwich and said, Is that real bacon?? And it was. Super sad-face. All I can say is that waiter was lucky it was Mark and not me who bit into that poor pig. They replaced it and discounted our dinner, but get this: Mark extracted a promise from the waiter to eat vegan for a week! He promised us he would.

Thursday, we ate Indian food and headed to Fenway to beat the Diamondbacks. Great game and a fun evening. Yesterday, we decided to hang out on the beach with a couple of friends for a few hours. It was breezey and gorgeous, but the water is coooold.
Today is Father's Day. We made tofu bacon and chocolate chip pancakes served with mango and fresh-picked berries from our neighbor. I made a gorgeous German Chocolate Cake for this evening. We are going to Coolidge Corner ("art" cinema in Cambridge) to see a film tonight. This is where we saw the restored Metropolis a couple of weeks ago, which was awesome. I think we are really pleased with our decision to enjoy summer here and take our vacation in September.