Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Maintenance Worker

Today the husband told me he was going to bring by an associate of his who's in Boston for a couple of days. "But don't clean up." As if.

I got outside pretty early and got to work on the front bed, raking it out and--finally found my fancy limb trimmers--cutting back the rhododendron and evergreens. Spread several bags of black mulch--quite a change from the bright orangey-red mulch at my old house. It looks really nice. I also got the back "beds" raked out and cleaned up a bit. I planted one little azalea that has been a house plant for a month or so. The pupsters were out with me part of the time; they are such angels. They have learned so well to stay out of the street. Sometimes Tony the terrier will wander down the sidewalk and pretend he's deaf when I call him home. He's like my Grandma was, selectively deaf.

Anyway, I came in and straightened up the house. The husband brought his friend over, one of his favorite things to do. He hates how ambivalent I still am about this house. I think I'll feel better when the kitchen is in place. But it will always be a money pit, which is what I didn't want. I got a nice catalogue today with some really pretty Colonial Revival light fixtures, but too $$$. I have to get the lighting figured out for the kitchen and I seem to be on my own with that.

Well I still have my priority, which is travelling. I am working out our itinerary for our trip to Costa Rica and Panama this summer, and decided that we should finally learn to SCUBA dive. If now now, when? Right?