Monday, August 8, 2011

Lazy Summer

I was so pleasantly surprised to see some plums growing on my less-than-one year old plum tree!  Same as with the cherry tree, I've got a micro-crop! 

This gives me real hope for the future of the trees.  I waited so long to have fruit trees, so I am pretty excited.

Well, here is Lukas, all grown up. He is just over 10 months old now.  Cute and sweet, but not perfectly behaved. Yet.
We just have not been motivated to finish the front porch or do much else around the house this summer.  First there was the heat, then there are the financial issues of doing things the way we want to do them.  We did plan to have the horrible fence replaced, but literally couldn't get anyone to do it.  So the fence is falling over and it's incredibly awful looking.  We are not sure what to do at this point.  Maybe when summer is over, the fence companies will be more responsive.

Til then, we are off to Ireland for some culture, hiking, Guinness and craic!